Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time - Written by Scarlett Burnham (me)

It is amazing how time flies by.
We didn't even see it drive by.
Sometimes we don't understand why God has put us on this earth.
But we need to remember why. 

The sky of blue and the trees of green.
What amazing things God has created for us to see.
He molded us, out of clay and dust.
And we should always trust who loves us.

Take each day, a day at a time.
Cause we can only see where the light shines.
Walk in faith and look to the light.
Jesus Christ is the only reason we are alive.

We are here to live, to die, to share.
What Christ has done for you and I.
He has come and died.
We become to blind.
That yesterday will become today and tomorrow will become yesterday.

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