Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living History Timeline. It was awesome. So many people from different time periods. So much fun to dress up and portray a person from history.

The person I portrayed was Irena Sendler. She was a Polish social worker during WW2 who saved 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw ghetto.
Having fun with the camera.


Queen Esther

My friend was portraying Corrie Ten Boom when she was older. I was on crutches because my character (Irena Sendler) was tortured in prison and they broke her legs and feet and she never walked without crutches ever again.

A dear friend of ours. We pick her up every Sunday to go to church with us.
 Here are a few photos of some of the characters people portrayed.....
Maria Antoinette

My six year old little friend wanted to take a photo. The young man in the background was portraying Oscar Micheaux.

Harriet Tubman

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Fanny Hayes

( This beautiful little girl was born with no arms, one leg, and no jaw. But she is the happiest little girl)

Mary Elisabeth Bowser

We had about 30 kids who participated in the program. It was wonderful evening!


  1. Awwww! Such a fun time it looks like you had! :-)
    Miss you!!!!

    <3 Elizabeth Lindsay

  2. Thank you for sharing. My husband was unable to come, but at least he could see what we were talking about. The pictures turned out wonderfully.