Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How can fathers involve their daughters more in their work and vision?

This is a short story from the book So Much More.

You ( Anna Sofia ) were about five or six. I ( dad ) never told you the ending of this story. One night we were entertaining a very important travel-weary political leader. He would be staying overnight, so he and I were in the living room, talking on and on. You came over, untied my shoes and slipped them off, as you often have. You then went over to our guest and said, "Mr._____,
would you like for me to untie your shoes?"

Several years later he said to me, "You know when I decided we should have more children?
It was that night your sweet little daughter helped me with my shoes!"

One simple act of hospitality had eternal consequences. How many hundreds of thousands of souls were affected by that one evening?

The point of these stories is that you understood one of the simpler parts of your father's vision: love people, be kind to them, and take care of them according to our family's traditions of bringing them into our home, and learning from how your parents disciple them. Simply helping enthusiastically is a very powerful testimony. It is a reflection of God's order.

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