Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Today...

Starting time....8:10pm
Mood....happy :D
Outside my window....dark ( with beautiful stars shining)
I'm thinking....I'm thinking...I'm thinking
I'm reading....Elsie Dinsmore
I'm listening to... Good Morning ( Singing in the Rain )
Yesterday and practiced my violin-fiddle
I'm excited start teaching piano and violin
I'm sad friend who is sick
I'm hungry for... chocolate!!!!
The song stuck in my head is....Sisters, Sisters ( White Christmas )
I BFF here
I love... music
This week, my goal is... to get things together for me to teach music
Did I meet last week's goal? Yah
Ending time....8:25pm ( I'm not a slow typier either )

Photo of the day- My maw maw gave me this coat that she got when she was 16 years old. Its still in very good condition :D Its about 50 years old! I love how that she gave to me now since I'm 16 years old!


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