Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to make a immodest dress...modest

  I bought the pink dress at a thrift store. It was too short so I wore a black skirt underneath
It was too low so I wore a tank top underneath.
I don't wear sleeveless that often so I wore a shrug.

Just a few ideas on how to make an immodest dress...modest.

This is how I wore my hair today.


  1. Love it! I never really thought about wearing a skirt under a shorter dress; but it's a great idea!!

  2. Love your dress and how you fixed it up. We love doing that or shoudl i say I love the thoguht and my sister doing it. I also loved your above post. It spoke to my heart. Come and follow me")

  3. Great idea! I love how you are one of the few girls who choose to be modest!