Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So Much More

This is a quote from the book called So Much More.

If God was so kind as to let you grow up in a family, then you are not single. You have been put into an importan unit for an important purpose. To pursue singleness ( singleness meaning, being outside a family ) is to reject this gift. This is hwo God views single people: " He setteth the solitaryinto families" ( Psalm 69:6a). Being solitaryis something that God, being all-knowing and loving, and merciful, delivers His children out of. So He blesses His daughters by making singleness a non-issue for them. He puts them into families.

Many grils respond to this with, "But you don't know my family!" No, we don't, but God does. people say, "You choose your friends, but your family you're stuck with." We prefer to say,
"You choose your friends, but God chooses your family." Before the foundations of the earth, God was putting together all the members of your family, and He chose each one for a purpose, as He does everything. If you look at the family in terms of a group of souls whom God chose from all the other souls, to put together to share a life, it gives you whole new perspective into what a wonderful miracle a family is.

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